Nishant Malkani – Drugs is an escape from reality for the youth.

Nishant Malkani – I think it is horrible. When you are taking drugs, you are not only ruining your life but you are ruining the lives of the people in your family. And the main root cause has to be stress. It is a highly competitive world where we are living in. Everyone needs an external factor to find happiness so drugs is an escape for these people who do not have the will power to accept the challenges of the world. But, I hope they realize the fact that this easy way out will lead them nowhere but to a dead end.

Nishant malkani11.jpg

“I think teenagers should confide in their parents, but moreover, I would just request one thing to the parents reading this article that be comfortable in talking to your kids and be open to them. Things like ‘sex’ and ‘drugs’ are two taboos in our society, more in India because of which kids are more curious about the same and you need to offer them the proper guidance and make them comfortable talking to you. They will look out for advice in the outer world, which may not be right for them. And I think spreading awareness is through parents and teachers. And in their formative years itself, if we educate them about the side-effects of drugs very openly then I think the child will never indulge in these kinds of substances”.

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