Three tips for women to climax every time

By Sex Guru

Three tips for women to climax every time

  1. Heighten stage one – arousal – with flirty fantasy chat during the day

Literally get your juices flowing by sending saucy messages.

Tell him about your red hot fantasy of him pretending to be the cheeky neighbour who comes over to borrow sugar… but gives you something sweeter!

  1. Draw out the pleasure of plateau stage

You’re with your partner (or solo) and you’re excited.

Why not try drawing your fingertips through a luscious lubricant over different parts of your body?

Shut out every thought apart from experiencing these new tingles.

  1. Keep the third stage – climax – cascading with pleasure

During foreplay let your partner know you’d love something sextra when you climax.

For instance, they can pinch or gently slap your bottom as you reach climax.

Or they can run their fingertips across your nipples if you’re in ‘girls on top’ position.

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