Real Men Feel: Transcend Your Trauma [Podcast]

The secrets to transcending trauma are not complicated, but they require courage.

Listen to Real Men Feel, #233, “Transcend Your Trauma” here:

New York Times best-selling author, speaker, filmmaker, and co-founder of, Pedram Shojai, joins us to discuss trauma. He masterfully explains how unexamined trauma will control our lives and offers a detailed, practical plan for healing.

“If you are blaming other people for your calamities, chances are, there’s some underlying trauma that you’re just not willing to look at.” ~ Pedram Shojai

Pedram consistently reminds us that the only way out of our turmoil is to turn inward. A key part of healing is fully acknowledging the pain, feeling the difficult emotion, and coming to terms with the source of our troubles. Men, in particular, are resistant to facing off with heavy emotions, and we discuss the evolutionary basis behind this hesitance. Pedram shares poignant reflection questions to help us locate the traumas and stale narratives running our lives.

Although modern culture encourages us to numb and distract ourselves from the pain, we can rise above this programming. Pedram shares his solution, offering examples of resilience practices that will keep our nervous systems grounded and our hearts open. We learn why Pedram is hopeful that humanity is on the verge of a quantum leap and how individuals can lighten the collective’s traumatic load. Lastly, we close this inspiring conversation with a humbling reminder on why service is the primary pathway to joy.

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Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:40) Pedram’s simple definition of trauma – “Having some sort of reaction or aversion to something that was too high in magnitude for you to deal with at the time.”
  • (3:30) How can men become aware of the traumas affecting their lives?
  • (5:45) Does man’s resistance to feeling emotions have an evolutionary origin?
  • (7:15) Why are men so hesitant to ask for help? How can we break that pattern?
  • (11:30) Does the one size fits all model of medicine have any benefits?
  • (16:20) Is humanity on the verge of a quantum leap? What will that look like?
  • (18:30) What are examples of resilience practices and how can we fully commit to them?
  • (23:30) Does Western culture often ignore the deeper, more esoteric aspects of martial arts?
  • (27:30) What translation for self-nurturing might there be for the guy that rolls his eyes at the whole idea?
  • (31:10) “The only way … is for you to go in, and acknowledge the entirety of your being and make amends with your past.” – Pedram Shojai.


Watch Real Men Feel, #233, “Transcend Your Trauma” April 6, 2021

“Loving yourself is doing the thing that you need to take care of your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul.” ~ Pedram Shojai


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