Sahil Anand – It is very difficult to choose best friends.

By Kuber Krishnaa

TV actor Sahil Anand shares his thoughts on Friendship Day.

My first best friend is in US and it’s been 5 years since he has not come to India. Recently, my best friend is Aryamann Seth. You always learnt from your best friends and even teach them new things. Friendship is part of learning and teaching, so I learn a lot of good things from him. We have many things in common.

Sahil Anand and Aryamann Seth.jpeg

I think my best friend is very important as you have so many things in life which you cannot just share with anyone but best friend and get advice from them. There are friends who are not there at your bad times, so make sure that you have friends who are there in your good as well as bad times, and the ones who are there at both are your best friends. It’s very difficult to choose best friends but when your heart says that he is that one friend and you know you love him then you should go for him and do things out of way for him.

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