Priyansh Jora – Most men refrain from talking about sexual problems

By Kuber Krishnaa
Actor Priyansh Jora (after  substantial work on television) is debuting on big screen with
Khandaani Shafakhana opposite Sonakshi Sinha.
Ask him about the message of the film, and he replies, “I feel that the subject is extremely relevant. In India, most men refrain from talking about sexual problems because of the male ego. On the other hand, most women are too shy to open up, as they have been told from childhood that it is a taboo subject. It is important that we have normal conversations about sex; our children shouldn’t grow up thinking that it’s something that shouldn’t be spoken or discussed about. During my growing-up years, when we would crack jokes on sex, the grown-up women in our families would tag us ‘non-veg guys’. The point is, when somebody cracks jokes on sex or discusses it, nobody understands that the more open one is about it, the easier it is to solve problems around

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