Vishal Bhosale’s LGBT film ‘3some’ raises some shocking perspectives.

By Aryeman

The LGBT scene has always been swarmed with fears, doubts and scandals. Although some movies made with a ‘gay backdrop’ have failed to instil the sensitivity of the subject, writer-director Vishal Bhosale’s prolific direction experience (he’s worked on seasoned TV shows like Gumraah Season 2 and 3 plus other projects) is back with another story he wishes to bring out-of-the-closet. His earlier short film (available on YouTube) titled ‘Central Park West’ got rave reviews.


Eventique’s 3some, written and directed by Vishal Bhosale is about a real life incident which took place in the hearts of Mumbai. This story revolves around a day where-in a love act between Rushi & Pavan turned into a murder crime and created so many questions in the minds of community.


The film stars Nakshtra Bagwe, Swapnesh Dubey and Saifu in pivotal roles. Ankit Baiswal and Sanika Satam, supports the story strongly.

Vishal is confident that post this film, the truth will be out and the audiences will be more sensitive towards the LGBT community. Make sure you watch the trailer of the film which will be streaming shortly.


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