Music composer Amaal Mallik bets high on this new voice. Find out who and why?

Going by the sheer number of music reality shows on television, one can safely say that there is no shortage of talent in our country.

Come July 2, a young, 22 year-old-boy Mohd. Kalam is all set to get launched in a new single Tera Shehar. One of Bollywood’s most sought after composer Amaal Mallik has composed the track written by lyricist Manoj Muntashir who is also venturing into production with Tera Shehar.

Singer Mohd. Kalam.jpg

Amaal is rather gung-ho about Kalam’s musical prowess and the depth and pain in his voice. Talking about the inspiration that got him to compose Tera Shehar Amaal says, “Any melody comes to you in a moment of complete silence and peace. In this case, Mohd. Kalam’s voice for me and the sheer expression in it got this tune out of me. The boy is talented, unique and extremely determined. With such traits, being inspired and coming up with a tune gets a little easier than it generally is.”

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