Heard about The Airmen Collective?

Art meets aviation; avant-garde meets handcrafted; the past meets the future for The Airmen Collective

Art, fashion and aviation came together in a deeply cool collaboration between Arjun Khanna (AK Atelier) and Akshay Sharma (WoodFeather) as they unveiled The Airmen Collective.

The talented actor Meezaan Jaffrey who is set to make his Bollywood debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next Malaal- was the showstopper for the event. Glorious masculinity blended seamlessly with the tunes of Ryan Sadri’s saxophone.

5- 'The Airmen Collective' by Arjun Khanna & Akshay Sharma (WoodFeather).JPG

This dreamy homage to aviation style was cheered on by Kailash Kher, Manish Paul, Anil Chopra, Umesh Jivnani, Ira Khan and Vikram Raizada. The uber cool sundowner served gin cocktails by Stranger & Sons and beer by Hoegaarden.

Akshay and Arjun, lend their bold interpretation of aviation to a limited edition, 16-piece collection of luxurious propellers and vintage fashion. While Arjun and Akshay’s meeting was serendipitous, their collaboration is far from accidental. All it will take is one look at their collaboration, the importance of handcrafting and the hard work that underlines their individual crafts, for anyone to see how they were destined to meet.

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