I became 101 kilos for Buta Singh’s character: Sandeep Nahar 

The Film Kesari which released this week has got a warm response from the audience. Actor Sandeep Nahar who plays the character of Buta Singh, one of the 21 fearless Sardars, who fought in the battle of Saragarhi is certainly a happy man.  The actor had to gain a lot of weight for this role.

Sandeep Nahar 4.jpg

He says,”When I was selected for this role I was 84 kg. I was asked to gain more weight to look like a mighty Sardar. So I ended up gaining 17 kilos. The weight gaining process was tough as I had stopped going to the gym completely and used to eat a lot of fatty food. The problem started when I was having trouble breathing. After that, I also developed problems in walking as my knees started paining. I used to face problem while climbing up the steps. As an actor I was insecure because I could not go for any other auditions because of my extra weight.

How will you sum up your working experience in Kesari? “It was an unforgettable experience. Working with a superstar like Akshay Kumar was a dream come true. His dedication and hard work are amazing. One can learn so many things from him. We used to have a lot of game sessions post our shooting in Wai. He used to call me Motu off-screen.” Currently, Sandeep is on a weight loss process. He adds,”As an actor, my struggle is still on for  good roles and first I need to shed off my extra weight.”

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