Sahil Khattar on Valentine’s Day

Sahil Khattar.jpg

Everyday should be for love but it’s great that everybody has sanctioned one day where somebody does something special for someone special in their lives. It does not have to just be with your partner, it can be anyone from your family. I do something special for someone and my someone special is that which rhymes with Valentine and comes in 30 ml and 60 ml and you can drink it with water and soda as well with ice! That is my someone special who opens up on every Valentine’s Day and spends a lot of time with me and makes me do so many things. One thing is for sure, you should love someone who fits your hand like a glove and the relationship goes on so naturally and seamlessly that there is no need of adjustment and understanding which is the biggest problem which comes in a relationship. To be honest, every special day, I just want to work. I work on my birthday,  holi,  Diwali because I know for a fact that if I am working on a special day where everyone is on a holiday I am going that extra mile and I never want to take that away from me. Work is not just worship for me, it’s also my biggest love.

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