Aamir Dalvi’s tips on capturing amazing pics.

By Kuber Krishnaa

Continuing with the series, here ace photographer Aamir Dalvi shares some jewels and secrets on how to click some amazing pics. His photographs have an innate story-telling which is very much evident.

How would you describe your Style of Photography?


Being an actor, I confess am an avid story teller. According to me, a picture is perfect only if you as the photographer / director can convey some enigmatic emotion through it.


My frames have a lot of depth and detail in the surrounding. My muse or model should have props that convey or enhance the message imparting process. It’s a collaborative confluence where the model’s emotions are blended with the surroundings. Isn’t this what an actor also gets inspired too and can perform better. In a nutshell, I would say I am a 3E photographer – Enigmatic, Expressive and Emotions.

Your photos are very inspiring and the lighting & color tones are top notch. Few words about your processing style?

I always believe it’s the model and the expression they emanate that makes or break a photograph. The camera is just a tool capture the moment, the lights to play the titillating magic to enhance the emotion.


In today’s times and the need for the perfect quality looks in commercial photography, post production is the much needed drug. Skin toning, underplaying the shadows in the surrounding with some glitzy or rustic effects work wonders to the photography. My mantra is to be minimalist in the post production. The photograph should be realistic, a visual treat and of course a piece of art.

You have captured some amazing portraits. What is the secret behind taking a good portrait?


The secret to a good portrait is first being honest with your craft n doing it with utmost passion. Adding that selective quirky touch that subtly stands out and makes it a masterpiece that makes a portrait creative.

To be continued…

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