Why Kartik Aryan wanted to have babies with Katrina?

By Kuber Krishnaa

This weird thing Kartik liked watching as a kid

So I was in Jabalpur and wahan elephants lekar aate the ek garden mein. Wahan ride hoti thi elephants ki. Toh who jo elephants ko log dekhne aate the toh main bhi dekhne jaata tha. Lekin I used to watch their shit, watch how they shit. So I had that interest during my childhood, I don’t know why. And my nani used to take me to see how elephants shit. It’s the weirdest thing.

Kartik Aryan nicknames

They call me center shock because my hair…they are always up. And then Koki is something that I hated throughout my childhood
Kartik Aryan wanted to have babies with Katrina for this reason!

Yes, I just said that, ya I have a thing for accents, so that’s about it and she (Katrina Kaif) has a good accent so that’s about it.

Kartik Aryan does not drink!

I’ve been doing that all my life. When I entered the industry, I learned this trick that I’ve to do this otherwise everyone is going to say are ek drink pee le, ek drink pee le, kya hojayega, yeh nahi peeta, isko pilate hai. So that’s what everybody does. So what I do is with the bartender I just tell him that give me a glass of water, put nimbu in it and some ice and jo colour ka mujhe lag raha hota hai drink hoti hai logo ki, alcohol ke color ka I just mix an orange juice or something, so that it looks like a proper… But pata nahi mein kyu bata raha hun, kyuki agli baar log check karenge.

Guess what Kartik Aryan thinks he’s good at?

No, I’m very good at kissing. Self-taught.


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