Aamir Dalvi’s got a License to Shoot!

By Kuber Krishnaa

Most other Indian Television actors assume that by owning the latest version of a Canon  5D will make them an ace photographer. While they tend to shoot obscure random clicks, one TV actor who stands high from the breed should surely be arrested. Jokes apart, he’s a Wizard with his skills and magically transforms his photos to masterpieces. In this 3 series story, we give you an insight into the mind of this Magician.

**All photos are copyrighted to Aamir Dalvi Photography


Aamir Dalvi is an Indian television actor, who also dabbled with theatre. His passion for photography started at a young age which he has skillfully blended with his creative pursuits of acting and dirt bike racing. His photographs have a lot of depth, an intensity of emotions and a candid creativity that gives the message out depending on the conceptual theme.

Few words about yourself?

Well, besides being an actor, photography has been a passion that makes me feel like a magician who can transform that elusive moment of still silence and convert it to a mystical story. A photograph should have feelings that can be visualized to such dramatic zones that you want to be part of that emotional moment.


Why a perfect photograph is eons ahead of a cinematic video?

I strongly believe that photography is the penultimate form of visual expression. A photograph has such a magical brilliance that a still image can convey many words. As an art, Photography is more challenging and creative. In a video, there are many dynamics at play. We have dialogues, voice-overs and background music to set the mood or verbally enhance the entire cinematic experience. Here, that one click which you capture has to give out the message you want to convey.


If you can manage to convey that elusive message to you audience and they are able to relate to it, you have nailed with a successful click.

What are your childhood memories towards the arts?

My earliest memories as a kid was the SLR camera my Dad used frequently. Even today, I still have it on display in my room even though it’s non-functional.


What first drew you to photography and how did you discover it?

Seeing Dad’s camera hanging from its leather case was a great fascination. Being the kid, I would yearn to get hold of it and try to click with it. Probably, my Dad’s passion with this gadget got me hooked onto the photography bug. The beauty of my photography stint is that I started my career with professional lighting and equipment, I did my first click with Dad’s camera in my hand.

IMG_0518 1.JPG

To be continued…

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