Mastii in a Multiplex.

By Samaira

Aren’t we all looking for some extra spice and mastii in our lives? New options which offer a thrill of adventure hit high on the road to lust. Read on about my journey.


Viraj and I had been wanting to try something new for a long time. We chose a multiplex in Dadar for our adventure. An 11 am show had some ten college couples at the booking counter. We all knew why we chose this multiplex and the morning show.

We chose the back seats in the extreme corner. Holding hands, we waited for the film to start. We were like kids ready to touch and feel each other. He started with caressing my legs and I stopped him from going deeper too soon. The darkness surely makes you more charged up to the touch. Next was him try to find his way up from beneath my top to feel the supple mounds.

I pulled out his hands and it was my turn, feeling him and opening his zipper. He was already hard but I loved to feel his inner thighs. My hands reached out to his tight shapely chests. His erect nipples were so effective to my touch. I could feel his heart beat pounding hard. Cmon, I hadn’t even started anything. I kept touching him all over while he gave soft moans.

What did I do next? Was it more than touch n play? Did we get more adventurous in the toilet?

Follow me on this portal and do leave your comments on what you think I did next. Viraj was ecstatic and wants me to have one more guy with us when we go next for our show.

Remember, do leave your comments…the story will continue!

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