How Vicky Kaushal got screwed early?

By Kuber Krishnaa

Some sensational and confessional secrets about Vicky Kaushal…

Vicky Kaushal is self-obsessed  

Vicky’s quote – I’m a bit self-obsessed also. So kai baar randomly bhi lag jaata hai. But jab tak aap bahar nikalte ho naha dhoke, kapde badalke bahar nikalte ho duniya mein and you see nobody giving an F and then you’re like chal theek hai, khud ko bolne mein kya hai


Vicky Kaushal does not know how to swim!

Vicky’s quote – Not just that I didn’t know how to swim, I was a terribly hydrophobic person. I joined swimming classes when I was a kid but I couldn’t even fathom to go to the deep end ever. So 10:30 at night Neeraj called me and was like you’re on board. The next day I called them and said script bhej do and Neeraj was like haan script toh ter ghar pohonch rahi hai but tell me, do you know how to swim? And I was like aisa na ho jay eke who bole tu swimming bhool ja, hum doosri casting kar lete hai. I’m like ya I can reach from point A to point B but I was like fataoed. And he’s like ya because you have to dive into the Ganga. I was like what? And I said Neeraj im not sure about my swimming. So, he’s like forget the script, first enroll yourself for a swimming class. So, I enrolled myself and am practicing with 10 and 11 year olds who are half my size! And I’m flipping my feet in the water saying ke sir dekh lo form sahi hai and they’re like sir 19 seconds mein lap ho gaya, can I go faster than this!


Vicky Kaushal admits to being the biggest fattu!

Vicky’s quote – I can’t watch horror films! Biggest fattu! I have watched Conjuring with a group of friends and I was so fattaoed after that. My friends have gone off to sleep, I had to watch Andaz Apna Apna right after it to erase all the memories of conjuring. I watch Anda Apna Apna and that’s when I felt normal and that’s when I could go to sleep.

Vicky Kaushal admits to getting screwed early on in life

Vicky’s quote – I’ve got screwed in life quite early on. I was a kid, I was in school. I was in Punjab for my summer vacations. It was my mom, me and my younger brother. And there, the electricity used to go very often. It was an evening and I still remember, it was a Saturday. I was actually playing with a screw, it was just there. It was a nail. I was playing with it, trying to lick it and taste the metal. All of this is happening in the dark. I was just playing with myself, nail, screw, yeh who time pass. And when the batti came achanak se, pata nahi mujhe kya hua, I just gulped the screw down! And everyone’s happy batti aa gayi and I’m like MOM and she’s like haan. And I’m like, maine screw kha liya. And she gave me one jhapad saying screw koi khane wali cheez hot hai. And Punjabi moms getting panicked is a sight. Screw kha liye mere munde ne, screw kha liye mere munde ne, screw kha liye mere munde ne, my nani has flipped. And I’m just sitting there ke mujhe toh kuch feel nahi ho raha, I’m feeling normal. And who utha rahe hai doctors ko, munde ne saade screw kha liya! We went to the doctor the next day and they said abhi toh kuch hoga nahi, Sunday hai toh do an x-ray. X-ray karvaya and the screw was towards the left bottom corner of my stomach. And the doctors in Punjab, they gave us 2 options: the first was, dekhoji ya toh surgery kara lo, dooja tattiyan karva lo. And meri family ne jo tattiyan karva lo, they took it so seriously. They put me on a diet of bananas and milk, I used to go do tattiyan like 3-4 times a day!

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